How Secure Is iCloud?

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iCloud is what makes all the magical features of backups and syncing happen, on Apple devices anyways. But, just how secure is your information stored in Apple’s cloud? “In Transit” vs “At Rest” These two terms are rather important for understanding the remainder of this post, so it’s important to understand what they mean with regard … Read more How Secure Is iCloud?

How Secure is Apple’s iMessage?

Of all large tech companies, Apple seems to have a pretty good track record of respecting and protecting the privacy of their users. But, iMessage in particular may be a different story. Before I continue, it’s important to mention that this only applies to iMessage itself, which is currently only used when sending from one … Read more How Secure is Apple’s iMessage?

To Brave And Back

Google makes money from advertising, and the current system for online advertising centers around collecting user information. That information can then be used to better target ads, resulting in higher profits. The difference with Google is just how much they can track their users, and the tracking is not limited to just their services. Millions … Read more To Brave And Back

Will VPNs Become Obsolete In 2019?

We might be closer than you think to making VPNs useless for the average user. What People Use VPNs For What people use a VPN for today differs from what they were designed for. Original Use VPNs were intended to be used to securely extend local networks across the public and insecure internet. They accomplish this … Read more Will VPNs Become Obsolete In 2019?