Why I Went Static With Jekyll

Most of my writing nowadays goes onto the Medium platform. I write something, hit publish, and Medium does everything else from hosting and even bringing views to my posts. But, I’m currently working on a project that needed a website; something that Medium wouldn’t fit the requirements of. So, I needed to choose a platform … Read more Why I Went Static With Jekyll

Asymmetric Encryption

When you think of the term “encryption”, you’re likely thinking of what is known as symmetric encryption. With symmetric encryption, you encrypt data with a password, and use the same exact password when you need to decrypt the data. This works fine when you’re encrypting a file, or maybe even an entire hard drive; however, … Read more Asymmetric Encryption

The No Encryption Dystopia

Yet again, the US government is proposing that “warrant-proof” encryption be made illegal. Attorney General Barr essentially states that encryption as it currently stands allows criminals to completely hide their communications from the government. While that point is valid, the modern alternatives are even worse than how things currently stand. Here are just a few of … Read more The No Encryption Dystopia

The Problems With End-to-end Encryption

What Is End-to-end Encryption? End-to-end encryption is a way to ensure only the sender and recipient of a message can see it. The message is encrypted on the sender’s device and can only be decrypted once it reaches the recipient. Although the message may be sent through one or more servers, it’s only stored in … Read more The Problems With End-to-end Encryption

How Secure Is iCloud?

Apple logo

iCloud is what makes all the magical features of backups and syncing happen, on Apple devices anyways. But, just how secure is your information stored in Apple’s cloud? “In Transit” vs “At Rest” These two terms are rather important for understanding the remainder of this post, so it’s important to understand what they mean with regard … Read more How Secure Is iCloud?

How Secure is Apple’s iMessage?

Of all large tech companies, Apple seems to have a pretty good track record of respecting and protecting the privacy of their users. But, iMessage in particular may be a different story. Before I continue, it’s important to mention that this only applies to iMessage itself, which is currently only used when sending from one … Read more How Secure is Apple’s iMessage?